We Solve Problems

HEC Engineers & Contractors is an innovative, full service engineering, construction, and project management company with extensive experience in the design, construction, start-up, commissioning, and maintenance of the following:

  • Commercial Buildings and Shopping Centers
  • Residential and Multi-Residential Dwellings
  • Chemical Plants, Refineries, Processing Facilities, and Power Generating Stations
  • Industrial and Manufacturing Facilities
  • Subterranean, Semi-Subterranean, and Masonry Structures
  • Institutional Facilities
  • Tenant Improvements

Other services include: assistance with funding approval, feasibility studies, commissioning, and construction management.

We pride ourselves on our work. Our team is always ready to consult and entertain every inquiry whether it is a major upgrade to design drawings, determining the right equipment for your project, or even a suggestion about paint color to achieve the aesthetic appeal you hoped for – we are always ready and available to our clients. HEC’s designers can provide professionally prepared 2D and 3D project renderings prior to the project start to allow everyone complete satisfaction at project end.

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We Build Relationships

In the engineering and construction world, the client and contractor relationship is based on trust, and we have proven time and again that you can trust us with the successful completion of your project. With HEC Engineers & Contractors, our entire team is dedicated to maintaining a close and respectful relationship with each of our clients to ensure ample communication throughout each project. We believe a satisfied client is one who not only receives the high-quality professional service and project we promised to deliver, but also one who is at ease throughout the life of the project.
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